Edited tumblr to promote the music of Scream Wolf. Trippy images will still be in play.


So idk how many of you gave a fuck about me tryin to promote my music but I do need help. Everytime I post one of these it gets no notes, no takers, no attention, no fucks. But I’m persistent so fuck it.

I need a model to be my wallpaper for MTV, if i cant adjust the pic right then its gonna be my soundcloud profile pic and fb wallpaper. I need someone to have SCREAM WOLF written on them or a piece of paper.

Alternative Hip Hop is my shit and I would love to see some pics from the supposed 600+ followers I have. Fuck out of 600 i think it wouldnt be this hard to get at least 3.

Kik it or email it to me. (kik preferred its just easier.)

Kik screamwolfmusic



You’re doing it to be awesome, dont be all like so whats the pay. My dick, thats what.

Heres a link to my fucking amazing music. Shit if there are people that like Ice JJ Fish then god knows i have some crazed fans in a room somewhere listening to me on repeat.


Fuck I keep forgetting I have a tumblr account.
In theory that means I keep forgetting about you guys.
The followers.
How can I forget about you guys? Oh wait…weed.
Idk what the fuck I’m gonna upload next but you’ll see it on your feed assuming you don’t follow thousands of people you fucking attention giving sluts.

Questions? Comments? Requests?
Go ahead and submit that shit in mah’ inbox.
Kik + IG screamwolfmusic

Next 5 posts are dedicated to trippy water themes.